Why DAM (IEX) is highly SURPLUS these days?​

Sell Bid Volume 80% more than Buy Bid Volume in DAM Though DAM comprises 4% of the total market size, if All-India Demand Curve is superimposed over Sell Bid Volume in DAM (plotted below), the inverse relation between Demand and Market Surplus can be noticed, except during mid-day hours, thereby explaining the correlation. Day-hour exception can be attributed […]

Why are recent DAM Prices FLAT (constant) in Day Hours?

In spite of varying Supply-Demand Volume curves, DAM Prices during highly surplus hours showed a perfect Flat or Step behaviour, which is unnatural in liquid markets. This has more to do with the Auction Matching Principles and the behaviour of participants in a Closed Auction. In a surplus market scenario, Sellers are Price Takers and […]