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Best in class analytics for Trading & Planning Decision Support

   Disclaimer : EMA sources the data from third party public platforms, and user is advised to use this report at own risk & discretion. All rights reserved by EMA.

Our Products & Services


India’s first Power Market Analytics & Trading Decision Support Platform, with 30 million+ datapoints. Trusted by leading Power Market players in India, including Power Exchange(s), Traders, Discoms and Generators.
SaaS based platform offered on Subscription Basis.


India’s first & only integrated platform for Dispatch/Scheduling Optimizations, Trading & Energy Accounting, paired with customized Analytics for Decision Support.
World class technology, adopting mathematical Linear Programming (LP) based Optimization algorithms for Least Cost Scheduling, paired with advanced automation models.
SaaS based platform, with full customization offered, for Discoms & Generators.


        DAM & RTM Price Forecasting using AI/ML & Statistical based market simulation models, developed by pairing extensive power market & trading experience in the entire value chain, for high accuracy on time-block basis

        RE Generation Forecasting using highly practical weather modelling & AI/ML architecture, considering domestic demographic factors, and optimized to local DSM & Scheduling Regulatory environment

        Hydro Generation Forecasting aimed at aiding HPPs in Scheduling, Trading & Planning generation for revenue maximization, by adopting hydrology-based assessments using AI/ML models.


With cutting-edge inhouse data analytics & visualization tools, paired with extensive sectoral knowledge & experience in entire power market value chain, we develop highly customized decision support tools for portfolio management, power trading, resource cost optimisation, energy accounting, clean energy transition, and planning areas.


With leading expertise in Power Market Design, Power Trading & Real Options, RE Integration, Resource Planning, Regulatory Cost Analysis, Derivative Valuation and Dispatch Optimisation, we make use of our extensive data platforms & globally established modelling tools with unique advantage for market modelling & studies in the respective areas of Power Market.


-DAM Result updates (for next Delivery Day(D)) at 06:00 pm daily; if not check after 30 min.

-Top Buyers & Sellers plot may take longer, based on data availability.

-TAM results are updated daily at 08:00 am, for previous Trade Day(D-1).

-Navigate each Plot in this report by maximising the plot using the icon on top-right of each plot. Hover cursor on top right.


D – Delivery Day

MCP – Market Clearing Price

DAC – Day Ahead Contingency

MCV – Market Clearing Volume

CV – Cleared Volume (post congestion, if any)

DSM – Deviation Settlement Mechanism

Disclaimer : EMA sources the data from third party public platforms, and user is advised to use this report at own risk & discretion. All rights reserved by EMA.

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