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Spot Dashboard Guide

-DAM Result updates (for next Delivery Day(D)) at 06:00 pm daily; if not check after 30 min.

-Top Buyers & Sellers plot may take longer, based on data availability.

-TAM results are updated daily at 08:00 am, for previous Trade Day(D-1).

-Navigate each Plot in this report by maximising the plot using the icon on top-right of each plot. Hover cursor on top right.



D – Delivery Day   

MCP – Market Clearing Price

DAC – Day Ahead Contingency



MCV – Market Clearing Volume

CV – Cleared Volume (post congestion, if any)

DSM – Deviation Settlement Mechanism

Disclaimer : EMA sources the data from third party public platforms, and user is advised to use this report at own risk & discretion. All rights reserved by EMA.