Impact of Lockdown (COVID-19) on India’s Regional Transmission Flows

NR, SR, and NER are traditionally ‘Importing‘ Regions, while WR and ER are ‘Exporting‘ Regions for Electricity in the National Grid.
On the first day of Lockdown, 25th Mar 2020, average Import of NR and SR dropped by 54% (from 6,602 MW to 3,029 MW) and 23% ( from 10,458 MW to 8,038 MW) respectively (compared with 18th Mar 2020), while Export of ER and WR dropped in the same proportion, i.e. 54% (from 6,745 MW to 3,075 MW) and 24% (from 11,166 MW to 8,530 MW) respectively.

Regional Transmission Flow before & after COVID-19 lockdown

Post-Lockdown, comparing 25th Mar with 27th Mar, the average Import of NR further dropped by 45% to 1672 MW, while the Import of SR increased by 10% to 8,840 MW. On the Export side, ER increased Export by 31% to 4,024 MW, and WR decreased Export by 19% to 6,880 MW.

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