Impact of Diwali Season on National Demand

A substantial drop in evening peak demand is seen this Diwali season, though the trend is considered to be normal in such festive season due to drop in commercial and industrial demand. This year’s demand drop is unique, as this year’s evening peak demand (reaching 121 GW on 27th, Diwali day) is lower than of […]

Impact of Diwali on State’s Power System (E.g. of UP)

The demand plot of UP State for 24th Oct 2019 shows the impact of ‘Lighting Load’ on Demand with sunset, bolstered by Diwali’s Decorative Lighting Load. UP has one of the steepest evening peak demand of all States, with around 50% jump in just 2 hours (5pm to 7 pm). Such steep demand due to […]